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139 W Wapella St  Minooka, IL  60447

(815)467-0656  M/W/F 12pm-6pm

Blue Cross Blue Shield, Insurance & Medicare Accepted, Payment Plans

Auto Accidents, Work Injuries


Minooka chiropractic: Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Accepted.  Chiropractor Smith of Minooka Illinois has been accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance and has been an In-Network Provider since 1999.  We accept Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance from all States, so if your employer's headquarters are in another state give us a call.  We have customized payment plans available for those with special needs and/or high deductibles.  We aim to help you in the most efficient and affordable way.

Dr. Michael S. Smith,D.C.

Chiropractic Physician

Minooka Chiropractic:  Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance Accepted